Who We Are

The Private Sector Health Partnership is a group of private sector companies and organisations who are committed to improve health care services for women and children in Kenya.

PHSP Kenya is supported by a secretariat established by Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Kenya and the partnership is directed by a steering committee. The World Economic Forum has also supported PSHP Kenya.



What We Do

PHSP Kenya works to bring together the private and the public sector with health care providers and enablers to jointly take action in ensuring quality, accessible and affordable maternal and new-born healthcare services for women and children in Kenya.

The partnership will complement on-going efforts by H4+ partners and target a number of activities in the 6 counties, Mandera, Migori, Marsabit, Wajir, Isiolo and Lamu. The activities focus on strengthening supply chain management for health commodities; increasing availability and demand for youth friendly health services; capacity building for health professionals; innovations to health management systems; increasing access to energy for facilities, youth empowerment; research; and resource mobilization.

This ground-breaking initiative will harness the strength, resources and expertise of the private sector, in alignment with the Global Financing Facility and close collaboration with the Government of Kenya, the County Governments of the 6 Counties, the World Bank and other partners.

Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare challenges such as lack of resources, costly services and lack of access to facilities has a huge impact on women, children and adolescents in various parts of Kenya. To improve the conditions new alliances and partnerships are needed. By bringing together healthcare providers, private sector companies and healthcare authorities many of these challenges can be overcome.

Out of the 47 counties in Kenya just 6 accounts for 50% of the maternal deaths registered in the country. The health and well-being of over 3.5 million women, new-borns, children, adolescents and family members in these 6 counties of Mandera, Migori, Marsabit, Wajir, Isiolo and Lamu are planned to be improved through this initiative by 2020.

Focusing on health services in these counties would drastically improve the overall maternal health indicators in Kenya. This is where support is needed the most to leave no-one-behind.

By engaging with the local health authorities in the counties of Kenya we have the direct access to the issues and challenges they face in providing care for the population. PHSP Kenya brings these insights to the table where private sector companies and non-governmental healthcare providers are present. Together we can find solutions that both benefits the patient and the providers.

Partners commit to elaborate and implement a multi-year collective action plan. The plan will be developed in consultation with key national and sub-national stakeholders, in particular leadership from the 6 Counties. The plan will seek to significantly improve health outcomes in the target counties, while also potentially creating shared value business opportunities for the private sector in order to ensure a sustained engagement that has a social as well as economic return on investment.

Partners also commit to supporting the launch of a website to communicate successes and lessons learned and mobilize additional partners and resources for partnership demonstration projects.

Partners commit to supporting the establishment of a Secretariat to be hosted at the Kenya Healthcare Federation which will convene partners and coordinate the implementation of the multi-year plan.

Finally, partners’ intent is to provide critical support and contributions to the successful development and roll-out of the joint-action plan but all will be conditional of the specific needs on the ground, the capacities of the partners, agreed upon plans with key decision-makers and stakeholders, in particular from the 6 counties, and final availability of funding. The individual and collective value of partners support will be valued and announced upon the finalization of the multi-year joint action plan.

PHSP Kenya has been established by Safaricom, Philips, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), MSD, Huawei and is being supported by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF).


We invite all interested companies and organisations to join our efforts to pioneer collective action to improve health for every woman and every child.